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Give to the Department

Giving to the Department of Psychological Science every year makes a difference every day.

Boise State University CampusFrom the beginning lectures each fall until graduation each spring, your gifts to the department are hard at work, meeting the ever-changing opportunities and challenges of a metropolitan research university of distinction.

Every year alumni, friends, faculty and staff declare their dedication to our mission by making gifts to the college. Collectively, this generosity creates an immediate and personal impact, enriching the lives of every student and faculty member, every day, across the department.

Your continued support is key to our success. We use your gifts to support scholarships, faculty development, and a vibrant campus experience, your participation is needed this year. With your gift, you can nurture the educational aspirations of scholars who are changing the world for the better.

For more information about giving to the department, contact us at (208) 426-1207 or email us at