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Faculty and Staff


Department Chair, ProfessorDr. Roberto Refinetti

Department Chair, Professor
(208) 426-4117

Director of Family Studies, Assistant ProfessorDr. Cynthia Campbell

Director of Family Studies, Assistant Professor
(208) 426-1187

Associate ProfessorDr. Matthew Genuchi

Associate Professor
(208) 426-1237

ProfessorDr. Charles Honts

(208) 426-3695

Assistant ProfessorDr. April Masarik

Assistant Professor
(208) 426-1381

ProfessorDr. Tedd McDonald

(208) 426-2425

Assistant ProfessorDr. Brian Stone

Assistant Professor
(208) 426-1380

Associate ProfessorDr. Jennifer Weaver

Associate Professor
(208) 426-2410


Adjunct Faculty

Armentrout, Scott

Bell, Gerald

Everson, Eric

Golden, Carolyn

Hatcher, Neiman

Hulbert, Ryan

Laude, Jennifer

Laudicina, Craig

Passman, Carol

Ritter, Jennifer

Vineyard, Jared

Winters, Jillian



Hinkle, Diane
Administrative Assistant I