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Faculty and Staff


Department Chair, ProfessorDr. Roberto Refinetti

Department Chair, Professor
(208) 426-4117

Director of Family Studies, Assistant ProfessorDr. Cynthia Campbell

Director of Family Studies, Assistant Professor
(208) 426-1187

Associate ProfessorDr. Matthew Genuchi

Associate Professor
(208) 426-1237

ProfessorDr. Charles Honts

(208) 426-3695

Assistant ProfessorDr. April Masarik

Assistant Professor
(208) 426-1381

ProfessorDr. Tedd McDonald

(208) 426-2425

Assistant ProfessorDr. Brian Stone

Assistant Professor
(208) 426-1380

Associate ProfessorDr. Jennifer Weaver

Associate Professor
(208) 426-2410


Adjunct Faculty

Armentrout, Scott

Bell, Gerald

Everson, Eric

Golden, Carolyn

Hulbert, Ryan

Laude, Jennifer

Laudicina, Craig

Passman, Carol

Ritter, Jennifer

Vineyard, Jared



Hinkle, Diane
Administrative Assistant I